LG NOVA and demodayLA Unite to Spark Innovation and Foster Community in LA’s Tech Scene

LG NOVA Demo Day

We are thrilled to share the news of LG NOVA, an innovative arm of LG Electronics, joining forces with us at demodayLA. This collaboration signifies our shared commitment to nurturing innovation and building community in Los Angeles’ dynamic tech landscape. It mirrors our unified goals and our eager dedication to developing environments where technology and creativity converge, igniting progress and opening new opportunities.

At demodayLA, we believe that collaboration and partnership are key elements in fostering growth and discovering new ideas. With LG NOVA on board, we are one step closer to creating an ecosystem of support for startups and entrepreneurs. We look forward to working alongside LG NOVA to provide mentorship, resources, and a platform for businesses to thrive and make a positive impact on the community.

Check out some innovative companies backed by LG NOVA.

  • Hoomano – Hoomano is a software company that has developed emotional intelligence technology for digital assistants that enables more human-like interactions and improved personalization.

  • ChargerHelp – ChargerHelp! is on a mission to increase the uptime of EV charging stations to ensure mass, equitable EV adoption. Our EVSE-dedicated operations and maintenance services take a technology first approach to providing our clients with reliable, predictable, and hassle-free EV charging and increased uptime.
  • Nakamir – Nakamir leverages the power of augmented reality and AI to create a personal expert for everyone.

  • Allumia – Allumia is a software, IoT and services platform designed to make it easy and cost-effective to deploy decarbonization improvements to mass-market commercial and industrial customers.

  • Ciba Health – Ciba Health is a global digital therapeutic health company leveraging AI and its virtual care platform to prevent, treat and reverse chronic conditions, starting with  pre- and Type 2 diabetes and digestive health, while optimizing the physical and  mental well-being of its patients.

  • XRHealth – The Virtual Reality therapy platform for healthcare. XRHealth redefines therapeutic healthcare from patients to providers. Our eXperience Space platform leverages VR for relaxation and mindfulness, enhancing patient care in clinical settings.

  • SparkCharge – SparkCharge is the world’s largest mobile EV Charging Service provider. Our service delivers charges directly to EV Fleets, Events, Autonomous Vehicles, Car Rentals, OEMs, Ride-Sharing Services, and Public Agencies.
  • Mindset Medical – Mindset Medical is a digital health technology company that delivers a precision health platform through the full continuum of patient care – intake, initial assessment, triage, telemedicine exam with clinical vitals, treatment, patient education, compliance and outcome measures.

  • Digbi Health – Digbi Health specializes in genetics, gut microbiome, and digital health technologies to redefine personalized healthcare. Their platform is designed to reduce medication dependence and healthcare costs, particularly in chronic illness management.

This is just the beginning of our partnership with LG NOVA. With their support, we hope to continue expanding and supporting the vibrant tech community in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and collaborations! Let’s build a thriving future together.

If your startup is thriving and you’re ready to take it to the next level, consider collaborating with LG NOVA and demodayLA. Submit your application today!

Together, we can create meaningful change.

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