Thank You Investors, Startups, and Friends for Making the First Ever demodayLA a Success

demodayLA - first event - may15-2024

Thank you, investors, startups, and friends, for coming to the first-ever demodayLA event on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. This event would not have happened without your support and contribution.

What started out as an experiment to gauge the LA community’s interest in a public demo day and assess investor confidence in the platform and startups resulted in an overwhelmingly positive response. Thanks to the participation of over 15 investors and 20 startups, we had a successful first event with high-quality pitches, valuable feedback, and meaningful connections.

LG LG NOVA Grey 3DTop LA startup accelerators include Mucker Labs, Amplify, and ExpertDojo, alongside VC funds like LightBank, Grit, Watertower VC, Sunset VC, and many others. Additionally, LG Nova, a division of LG, partnered with us to bring this event to life.

The strong investor interest we’ve received has bolstered our confidence in continuing to host future demodayLA events, promoting growth and innovation within the Los Angeles startup ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates on our next event, and ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to participate.

demodayLA - first event - may15-2024

Startups Showcased at demodayLA

Two pitch sessions began at 3:30 PM, featuring presentations from various startups.

  • Clara Optics specializes in advanced optical technologies that enhance vision clarity and performance.
  • Spout Water provides innovative solutions for sustainable water purification and distribution systems.
  • Charge Wonder develops cutting-edge wireless charging technology for a variety of electronic devices.
  • SkinTrax an AI-assisted skin cancer screening app designed to help users monitor and identify potential skin cancer.
  • League of Play creates interactive gaming experiences that promote social engagement and community building.
  • delivers AI-powered automation tools designed to streamline business processes and improve productivity.
  • Patientory is a secure platform for managing patient health data and enhancing healthcare delivery through blockchain technology.
  • ApplyAll simplifies the job application process by consolidating multiple applications into a single, user-friendly platform.
  • Infinity specializes in virtual reality experiences that push the boundaries of immersive entertainment and education.
  • BAFF is a fintech platform that enables Africans to pay each other with or without an internet connection.
  • is an AI-driven platform that optimizes mental health care through personalized treatment plans and continuous monitoring.
  • KULA is a real-world social platform that helps you spend more time IRL with old and new friends.
  • Seekrz is a talent discovery platform that leverages AI to match job seekers with the right career opportunities.
  • offers a personalized wellness program that combines nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness practices.
  • Taky is an AI tablet kiosk that helps restaurants make higher sales with less labor.
  • Talk2Insights AI is a chatbot that empowers consumer brands and product teams to analyze product reviews and customer feedback from multiple online platforms, transforming raw data into actionable insights.

demodayLA - first event - may15-2024

demodayLA - first event - may15-2024

demodayLA - first event - may15-2024

Growth Circle Session at demodayLA

Startups had the chance to learn growth hacking strategies from LA’s leading experts, including professionals from Hawke Media, Camino5, Cleverly, PapiDigital, and Buzz SMM. The intent of this session was to provide startups with actionable tips and techniques to improve their marketing and growth efforts.

Key Takeaways from the Growth Circle Session

  1. Customer-Centric Marketing: Emphasizing the importance of understanding your target audience, experts from Camino5 and Hawke Media highlighted the need to tailor marketing strategies that speak directly to the audience’s needs and preferences. Personalized campaigns and targeted messaging can significantly enhance engagement and conversion rates.
  2. Leverage Data and Analytics: Representatives from Cleverly discussed the power of utilizing data and analytics to drive marketing decisions, especially on LinkedIn. Startups were encouraged to continuously track and analyze performance metrics to identify successful strategies and areas needing improvement, ensuring that marketing resources are optimized effectively.
  3. Content is King: Brian from ExpertDojo emphasized the importance of high-quality content as a cornerstone for growth. By creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content, businesses can build trust with their audience, drive traffic, and foster long-term customer relationships.
  4. Harnessing Social Media: Experts from PapiDigital shared insights on maximizing the potential of social media platforms. Effective use of social media can amplify brand awareness, engage with a wider audience, and drive traffic to your website or product pages. Strategies include leveraging influencers, creating shareable content, and engaging directly with followers.
  5. Growth Hacking Techniques: The session covered various innovative growth hacking methodologies aimed at achieving rapid and sustainable growth with limited resources. Techniques such as A/B testing, viral loops, referral programs, and optimizing user experience were discussed as valuable tools for startups to gain competitive advantages and scale efficiently.

These takeaways provide a robust foundation for startups looking to enhance their marketing efforts and drive substantial growth in a competitive market.

demodayLA - first event - may15-2024

Demo Table and Networking

The event concluded with a demo table and networking session, which gave startups the opportunity to showcase their products and connect with potential investors, partners, and customers. Attendees could interact with the startups, ask questions about their products or services, and learn more about their business models and growth plans.

The demo table also provided a platform for startups to gather feedback and valuable insights from industry professionals and potential users. This feedback can be instrumental in refining product offerings and shaping future marketing strategies.

demodayLA - first event - may15-2024

We extend our gratitude to all the demoing companies, sponsors, partners, and judges for their continuous support and trust in our platform. We look forward to continuing this journey with you and making demodayLA an even bigger success in the future.

Stay tuned for updates on our next event and other exciting news by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social media. Together, let’s shape the future of innovation and create a thriving startup ecosystem in LA! See you at the next demodayLA! #demodayLA

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