Accelerate Your Success With Expert DOJO, Los Angeles’ Premier Startup Accelerator

Accelerate Your Success With Expert DOJO

Expert DOJO is your launchpad to success in the world of startups. Nestled in the vibrant city of Santa Monica since 2014, it stands out as one of LA’s most dynamic startup accelerators. The brainchild of Brian MacMahon, Expert DOJO empowers budding entrepreneurs by offering an abundance of resources and training across various industries. Whether you’re taking your first step or gearing up to leap, Expert DOJO is here to guide you through every phase of your entrepreneurial journey.

Expert DOJO provides a diverse range of services and tools to help startups grow and thrive. Some of the key offerings include mentorship programs, business coaching, access to funding opportunities, and an extensive network of contacts in the startup community. Through these resources, Expert DOJO aims to create a supportive environment for entrepreneurs to learn, collaborate, and ultimately succeed.

Expert DOJO invests in pre-seed and seed-stage startups that have a product, a go-to-market strategy, and a potential for high growth. In addition to funding, selected startups also receive access to Expert DOJO’s extensive network of experts, mentors, and investors. This helps them gain valuable insights and advice from experienced professionals in their respective fields.

Expert Dojo - Brian MacMahonExpert DOJO’s Brian MacMahon

Meet Brian MacMahon, the visionary mind behind Expert DOJO and a serial entrepreneur with a passion for nurturing the next generation of start-ups. With a wealth of experience spanning across multiple continents, Brian’s expertise lies not only in creating successful businesses but also in coaching others to bring their entrepreneurial dreams to fruition.

His deep understanding of the startup ecosystem and his commitment to innovation have made Brian a respected figure in the entrepreneurial community. At the heart of Expert DOJO, Brian’s leadership and insight inspire a culture of ambition and success.

Investment Portfolio

Among the many successful startups that have gone through Expert DOJO’s accelerator program, some notable names include:

  • RAD AI – Automated influencer marketing that drives the most important outcomes. RAD’s marketplace democratizes influencer marketing by eliminating the manpower needed to manage broken processes while giving the power of the result to our customers.
  • ProfitMatters is an accounting platform powered by a US team of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and bookkeepers.
  • MagicRobot leverages artificial intelligence to automate and enhance customer relationship management tasks without a dedicated website for reference.
  • OfficeKit HR provides comprehensive HR solutions, simplifying tasks such as payroll, recruitment, and employee management.
  • NeverEnding is bringing cinematic storytelling to everyone. We’re building a platform that allows you to create and share quality animated videos without the studio.
  • Use cutting-edge data science tools to transform your business outcomes. SynctacticAI crafts a successful adventure out of your business by leveraging advanced data science tools, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from any structured and unstructured sets of data.
  • GameTree is the #1 app on Google for finding gamer friends with 500k signups supporting all games on all major platforms.
  • Stylette solves the problem of parents wasting time and money on clothes that kids grow too fast to enjoy. They provide an accessible platform with high-quality clothing for rent.
  • Moodbit is a People Analytics company with a clear focus on Employee Engagement. Using ML/AI we provide them with real-time analytics for managers and HR on their teams’ engagement scores.
  • Lyrid is a cloud computing platform that helps our users develop cloud-native applications that are running on a public cloud serverless platform.
  • ThoughtData – Unified observability for enterprise IT across network performance, application performance, infrastructure performance, and cyber threat intelligence.
  • many others … HERE

So far, Expert DOJO has invested in over 260 startups since its inception, with a total funding amount exceeding $200 million. These startups have gone on to achieve significant growth and success, making Expert DOJO one of the most influential startup accelerators in Los Angeles.

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